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Dataline CGX and GX displays

The new Stowe Dataline CGX colour instrument display is shown next to to current Dataline GX display in simulated bright sunshine. This is a photograph of the actual displays, although the displays are running in a demonstration mode to simulate wind speed and direction. Both displays remain completely viewable in even the brightest sunshine.

The new 3.5 inch display is the same size as other market leaders, but offers a brighter, higher contrast display with less current drawn per display. Although the display size is identical to other market leaders, the overall size of the instrument has been reduced, to enable mounting in more locations, or more displays in the same location.

All the functions of the new display are the same as the Dataline GX, but with added colour. This means you can still use either display on any Dataline system, or as a standalone NMEA repeater. The new colour display now incorporates Dataline 2000, which can seamlessly interface to many leading manufactures sensors and instrument systems, as well as any existing Dataline or IS11 instrument system. These displays have become very popular as a standalone GPS repeater, connecting via NMEA 0183 or Dataline 2000.

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