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Stowe Marine NMEA Databox

NMEA Databox

Connect your Stowe to any NMEA or Bluetooth (option) device with the Dataline NMEA Databox

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The NMEA Databox converts proprietary Dataline data into NMEA 0183. The unit requires no setting up to perform this simple task. Because the Dataline system uses a modified version of NMEA for the data communication between the Databox and the displays, it is usually not possible to use this modified data to drive other NMEA devices. The Stowe NMEA Databox very simply eliminates this problem.

In addition The Stowe NMEA Databox can combine the extracted Dataline data with additional NMEA data connected to the NMEA input... a GPS for example. The output is then a single stream of data to either an NMEA receiver such as a chart plotter, or via USB to a computer. When connected to a PC the unit will automatically divert its output to the PC and the PC can then use the NMEA output to drive an NMEA receiver, such as an Autopilot.

The output can be customised by the use of built in user selectable filters that can be set to filter in or out any combination of NMEA sentences independently from either input. This function can be used to choose which device the data comes from, eliminate data loops, stop data overload, etc. There are two types of filtering that can be applied to each input independently.

1. Allow only sentences in the user list to propagate.
2. Remove all sentences in the user list.

When USB is connected, the interface merges the two inputs to the connected PC and transmits data from the PC via the NMEA output. As far as the host PC is concerned, the NMEA Databox appears to be a standard serial COM port. Once set up with a PC running chart plotter software to control an auto pilot, if the PC is then removed, (or fails), then the unit will automatically divert the data to the autopilot. This function is useful if you sometimes use chart plotter software, but other times just want to steer to a GPS waypoint.

A Bluetooth version is available for connection to a Laptop or an Android tablet, etc. Using the standard Bluetooth Serial Protocol.

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