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Stowe Marine Masthead Unit

Stowe Masthead Unit

New Carbon Fibre Solid State Wind Transducer

Seven versions available:

1.Stowe Dataline or Dataline X, Simrad IS11 or Stowe Navigator Wind Monitor

2. Stowe Micro range

3. Autohelm ST50*

4. NMEA 0183, can be used on Simrad IS15, Cetrek, Global, KVH, Danaplus and many more

5. Navico WD200 100% compatible plug on replacement

6. VDO compatible*

7. B&G Brookes and Gatehouse compatible*

The brand new design Stowe Mast head unit has been modernised using solid state technology, reducing moving parts, greatly increasing reliability, accuracy and smoothness. The rugged mechanical design has been proven for many years and now brand new electronics gives a truly high performance. The unit can be supplied in five versions compatible with not only Stowe, but a large number of other manufactures wind instruments including Autohelm, B&G, Cetrek, Danaplus, Dataline, Global, KVH, Navico, Raymarine, Simrad and VDO. A combination of a new carbon fibre spar and the change to solid state electronics dramatically reduces the weight, the service life and servicing costs.


Model Dataline Micro Autohelm NMEA VDO B&G
For use with Dataline, X, Navigator, IS11 Micro Autohelm ST50 Cetrek, KVH, IS15 VDO B&G
Accuracy ~+/- 2˚ ~+/- 5˚ ~+/- 2˚ ~+/- 2˚ ~+/- 2˚ ~+/- 2˚
Power Supply 12V nominal (7-16V) 12V nominal (7-16V) 8V nominal (7-16V) 7-16V 8V nominal (7-16V) 8V nominal (7-16V)
Current 50mA @ 7V 50mA @ 7V 50mA @ 7V 50mA @ 7V 50mA @ 7V 50mA @ 7V
Output Type 3 0-12V

 + wind speed

1 0-7V

 + wind speed

2 2-6V

 + wind speed

NMEA 0183 10Hz


2 2-6V

 + wind speed

3 0-8V

 + wind speed

Temperature -10 to 50˚C -10 to 50˚C -10 to 50˚C -10 to 50˚C -10 to 50˚C -10 to 50˚C
Weight 210g 210g 210g 205g 210g 210g

*As standard, all versions of MHU except Navico WD200 are supplied with a standard Stowe connector/adaptor to fit a Stowe mast block and cable which can also be supplied. Custom connectors can be catered for where available. Second hand connector/adaptor can usually be removed from your existing MHU. Navico WD200 MHU will plug directly onto Navico WD200 mast cable.

Masthead Unit PCB's

This picture shows the masthead unit circuit boards which are hand made here in Lymington. We can upgrade any existing Stowe MHU by fitting these boards.

Design subject to change without notice

Navico, Simrad and B&G are trademarks of Navico Holding AS. Autohelm is a trademark of Raymarine UK Limited. NMEA is a trademark of the National Marine Electronics Association. KVH is a trademark of KVH Industries, Inc. Cetrek is a trademark of Cetrek Limited. VDO is a trademark of Continental Corporation.

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