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Stowe Marine Dataline GX display

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loadcell display

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The new Stowe Dataline GX display can be used as an upgrade on any existing Stowe Dataline, Dataline X, or IS11 as well as being supplied as part of a new system. The displays can be mixed and matched with any other combination of displays already on the system, providing full system calibration and lighting control.

Although the new Stowe Dataline GX has been designed to be very simple to operate, it can display all the information available from the Stowe Databox, as well as repeat the most useful information available from your GPS. The Stowe Dataline GX calculates True wind functions and VMG. The Stowe Dataline GX can also be used as a standalone GPS repeater or NMEA repeater for many other manufactures systems.

The Stowe Dataline GX is extremely rugged and comes with a 'State of the Art' LCD display with stunning contrast and night time illumination. The displays have been carefully designed to be simple, clutter free and visible from a good distance.

The Stowe Dataline GX can be fitted as a simple retrofit to an existing Dataline system, with wire for wire compatibility and no set up or calibration necessary. The many enhanced features add new life and ease of use the existing Dataline system and you will soon be carrying out all lighting and calibration functions from the Stowe Dataline GX out of preference to any other display. If you fit just one, it will not be long before you replace all of them!!!

Special modes have now been incorporated to display Load Cell information from up to 8 Load Cell amplifiers, such as the Stowe DLA1 Digital Load Cell Amplifier and a Clubhouse mode has been added for use in buildings such as yacht clubs and marinas.



Voltage Input 10 to 32 VDC

Current consumption 100 mA (125 mA with lighting)

Display Unit

160x128 pixel FSTN LCD 4 Level Grayscale

Backlight Green LED 8 levels

Illuminated Keys Green LED


 Rugged ABS case

 Silicone Gasket


110mm x 110mm x 38.5mm


Operating Temperature -25 to 75 C

Enclosure Rating IP67

CE approved

Supplied with Sun Cover and installation kit

Design subject to change without notice

(c) 2007 Stowe Marine Limited